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7 Day Kit Sun Protective All Day Moisturiser SPF 30

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Protect, moisturize and repair your complexion with a single sweep and once a day application with the innovative radiance-boosting “Dr Russo Once A Day Sun Protective Moisturizer SPF 30” designed with a plush brush applicator for convenient and foolproof application.


            Once A Day Sun Protective Moisturizer SPF 30’ features innovative “Dr Russo Long Wear SPF technology” – by which organic UV filters are encapsulated, invisible on the skin and allow a phenomenal level of sun protection without exacerbating sensitivity or allergies. The encapsulated sunscreens formulated with  ‘Dr Russo long wear SPF technology” create “force field’ on the surface of your skin to deflect the sun’s harmful rays, for up to 10 hours with a single application, whilst a cocktail of potent antioxidants, Vitamin C, E Retinol and Ferulic acid, help repair existing signs of DNA damage, inhibit tyrosinase (responsible for melanin production and in turn, age spots), help to maintain elastin and collagen levels, reduce glycation of proteins (when sugars damage protein chains, contributing to collagen degradation and skin sagging) and soothes inflammation, so skin becomes stronger, more luminous and resilient. Completely photo-stable with a luxurious sensory profile, this lightweight, non-greasy formula leaves no pore-clogging residue – instead, it intensively hydrates and helps counteract the epidermal thinning that takes place as we grow older, thanks to skin-plumping Hyaluronic acid. Providing both protection and repair in one simple single application, this is the ultimate daily moisturizer to keep you skin smooth, youthful and – most importantly – protected with very high level of sun protection for all day and a brilliant base for make up – delivering super-charged skin benefit without any of all-too-common chalkiness.


            DESCRIPTION: A beautiful featherweight, quickly-absorbed moisturizer-meets-sunscreen, “Dr Russo Once A Day Sun Protection Moisturizer SPF 30” has an ultra-light texture that diffuses beautifully – infusing skin with precious Hyaluronic acid, while deflecting DNA-damaging rays. Plumping and thirst-quenching with a natural, dewy finish (with no chalky cast), while the inclusion of Vit C, E, Retinol and Ferulic acid helps stimulate cellular turnover – encouraging repair and cell renewal to minimize the damage caused by everyday exposure to the sun. Free from PABAs, parabens and artificial fragrance, this is compatible with sensitive skin types.


            HOW TO USE: 
Apply over face and neck as your morning skin care ritual using the build in “Brush On” applicator for convenience and foolproof application. Once a day application provides up to 10 hours photo-stable, broad-spectrum, sun protection with an SPF 30.
Works well alone or following the application of Dr Russo Sun Protective Day Cleanser SPF 30. Apply evenly, paying particular attention to the most vulnerable areas such as periorbital area and hairline. Use same amount for the neck.





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