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7 Day Kit Sun Protective Day Cleanser SPF 30

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Cleanse, hydrate and UV protect your complexion with the innovative radiance-boosting “Dr Russo Wash-On Sun Protective Day Cleanser SPF 30”, designed with an airless jar for convenience, foolproof application and that delivers the correct amount of product.


           A cleanser that also protect your skin? “Dr Russo Wash-On Sun Protective Day Cleanser SPF 30” might just be the answer to your daily skincare prayers. Combining high factor SPF 30 sun protection from the DNA-damaging effects of UVA and UVB rays, this anti-ageing cleanser uses cleaver "Wash-On" technology to deliver sun protection, first in the morning. Because 80 % of skin ageing is caused by daily UV exposure, it is important to apply an SPF 30 every day to prevent the premature ageing of the skin and maintain healthy glowing skin. The daily use of an SPF 30 product will prevent 97% of UV damage.


            Dr Russo Wash-On Sun Protective Day Cleanser SPF 30 is a two in one Anti-ageing Cleanser that leaves on your skin, a sun protective layer of SPF 30 once you rinse it off.


            DESCRIPTION: A beautiful hydrating, cleansing milk-meets-sunscreen, “Dr Russo Wash-On Sun Protection Day Cleanser SPF 30” has an ultra-light texture that cleanse beautifully – while infusing the skin with sun protective SPF 30 to absorb DNA-damaging rays. 
 With high grading (PA+++) for UVA protection (the ‘ageing’ rays that contribute to DNA degradation), this is the ultimate one-stop daily cleansing milk, sunscreen, moisturizer, and anti-ageing treatment – that won't leave your skin feeling smothered (or with a ghostly white veneer). Free from PABAs, parabens and artificial fragrance, this is compatible with even sensitive and oily skin types


Apply every morning, over face and neck as your usual cleansing milk. Massage as you like and leave it on for two minutes. Rinse off and pat dry. The airless jar will provide the correct amount for the face (two pumps). Use same amount for the neck. For external use only, avoid contact with eyes and other mucous membrane.


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