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Ageing and UV


“As a Doctor, I see the effects of sun exposure on the skin of my patients every day. As a Scientist I know that sun damage can be prevented.”

“I have been in clinical practise for over 25 years. During this time I have learnt that up to 80% of premature skin ageing is due to UV exposure. I have also learnt that we do not protect our skin enough due to the lack of a proper suncare regime. Regardless of weather conditions, as long as there is natural light, we are exposed to UV rays. They can penetrate glass windows and are relatively unchanged by time of day, season and altitude. UV rays penetrate deep into the dermis causing many of the histological and clinical changes associated with ageing.'

Dr Luca Russo, MD

It is well documented that most people do not effectively protect their skin from UV exposure, developing premature ageing. It is therefore important to prevent exposure to UVA and UVB at all times during the day, all year round.

Clinical studies have shown that consumers tend to apply an SPF product several hours after they have woken up, exposing their skin during this time, to UV damage. Scientists have defined this consumer habit “ incidental UV exposure” and demonstrated that it can contribute up to 50% of sun damage during a lifetime. Ideally consumers should apply an SPF product as soon as they wake up to minimize UV exposure and prevent sun damage.

Clinical studies have shown that a sunscreen with SPF 30, when applied correctly, prevents up to 97% of sun damage.

The SPF is determined by the degree of sun protection given by a specific formulation applied at 2.0 mg/cm². American Academy of Dermatology’s studies show that the average consumer will apply only 0.5 to 1.0 mg/cm², effectively reducing an SPF 30 to 6 or less. This routine combined with incidental UV exposure explain why consumers are still showing signs of premature ageing despite the use of a daily sunscreen.


“I have developed a breakthrough daily skincare regime to reduce incidental UV exposure and increase SPF consumer compliance and effectively fight the signs of ageing.”

No more wrinkles, sagging skin, sun spots and large pores with a few simple steps that are as easy as brushing your teeth.

“Protect your skin from sun damage during the day and nourish it at night, is my simple recommendation.”