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Wash-on Technology


The exclusive "wash on™" technology

We have created an entirely new “Wash-On” US FDA category for cleansers, hand soaps, bath and shower products.

Our patented technology encapsulates sunscreen filters into micron-sized particles, which are in turn positively charged. These positively charged particles are then attracted to both skin and hair, which is naturally negatively charged, infusing it with enough binding power to ensure they are retained throughout the day, even after rinsing and patting dry.

“Using silica to create a capsule around an active ingredient allows the capsule to have a positive or negative charge, Additionally, it can be wrapped with a polymer release system (or waxes, lipids, oils, etc.) that can allow the release and delivery of the ingredient to be controlled; for example, a fragrance can be made to last longer on the skin.”


Dr Russo Skincare from Creature Productions on Vimeo.